What is the percentage ?

A percentage of a number is a fraction of the denominator 100 of that number.The word percent comes from the phrase per cent. Cent is a root that means one hundred, so per cent literally means per one hundred

Percentages are written with the notation %.

How to calculate a percentage ?

To find a certain percentage named P of a totality named T from a fraction (part) t of this totality T we use the formula :

the easiest percentages to remember

There are several easy-to-remember percentage values that will make it easy for you to calculate the percentage without using a calculator:

  • 50% : 50 percent means the half, to calculate the 50%, simply divide the number by 2
  • 25% : 25 percent means one fourth, to calculate the 25%, simply divide the number by 4
  • 10% : 10 percent means one half of 10 percent, to calculate the 10%, simply divide the number by 10
  • 5% : 5 percent means half, to calculate the 5 %, simply divide the number by 100 and multilply the result by 5
  • 1% : 1 percent means one hundredth, to calculate the 1 %, simply divide the number by 100